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Terms of Use

HowDidWeMeet.com does not produce any content. All content is produced by this website's users. Content may become the property of HowDidWeMeet.com after they are submitted, and the user (if specified) relinquishes all rights to the story and any profits that it might generate for the operators of this site. All content is provided as is, and is meant to be used for entertainment purposes only. Content found on this website are for personal use only, any other use is strictly prohibited. Any content found inappropriate or threatening should be reported immediately, we do our best to attempt to remove such content as soon as possible, but not all content can be reached as quickly. HowDidWeMeet.com, its owners, and its staff are not to be held responsible for any content found on this website unless it is strictly owned by the aforementioned entities.

HowDidWeMeet.com does not provide any commercial services and there are no actual or implied guarantees as to the availability of the service, speed, operation, or function of this website, which is offered on a daily basis to those who choose to comply with the terms.

In usage of this website, or by otherwise using this website, you (the user), hereby undertake to adhere to the terms of use detailed herein and any others appended hereto, without evasion, equivocation, or reservation of any kind, in the knowledge that failure to comply with the terms will result in suspension or denial of your access to this website and potential legal and civil penalties, together with the right to make the full circumstances publicly known.

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