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Finding "the one" when you least expect it

Written by  NewlywedNichole
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How we met sounds SO cliché. Boy and girl meet at a bar. Boy buys girl a drink. Boy makes girl laugh...and the rest is history. But there is so much more to "how" we met! I was twenty-three and just out of a dramatic on again/off again thing and absolutely not looking for anything.

I hardly ever went anywhere without at least ONE friend in tow. But the night that I met my now husband, I decided to go to a friend's birthday party/after work happy hour at a local bar by myself even though I only knew the birthday girl herself.

I stole some random guy's seat once I arrived so that I could sit by the ONLY gal I knew (turns out I knew a few other people by the time I got there, but I digress) and when the "guy" came back, I apologized for stealing his seat and he just looked at me strangely.

The night progressed and the drinks were aflowin' and the guy whose seat I stole came over and we started to talk. He bought me and some other people a shot. We kept talking about things we had in common (Tampa Bay Lightning hockey, movies, clearly cheap bar drinks as well, etc) and I remember (verrry far) in the back of my head thinking, "I could marry this guy". Just like the song I blamed it on the alcohol and told myself I was so not interested in this guy.

But he called me two days later (side note: he swears I told him to call me that night so I would have his number in my phone. I still think he made this up!) and I didn't answer. I was used to game playing (did I mention I was twenty-three?!) and didn't know why he was calling. I texted him the following day asking why he called and he replied with, "I was calling to play some of my epic game on you, but you missed it"..I was laughing so hard. If you knew Jason, you know he's not a game playing kind of dude and he was genuine and as much as I tried to ignore it, I couldn't. He is so funny and made me laugh and I gave in.

I am so so so glad I did. After a few years and bumps along the way, Jason proposed to me on his birthday, March 13, 2010. He and a friend were in cahoots behind my back. They had me think I was planning a surprise party for Jason with my friend when really it was a rouse to get all of our family and friends together at one time. Two days before the surprise "birthday party", Jason and my friend emailed everyone to let them know he was planning to propose before the party. And that is exactly what he did. I was in complete SHOCK...and then to enter a room to thirty of our fave people, had me in TEARS. I was so happy and overwhelmed and it was a wonderful way to ask me to marry him.

We were married thirteen months later on April 9,2011 at a ranch in Dover, FL under the most beautiful oak trees, around. We wrote our own vows and it was a beautiful day and something I will never forget.

I wasn't looking for love, but love found me (cheesy I know, but OH so true!). Good thing I went to that happy hour alone after all, isn't it?


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+1 # Latsyrc728 2012-02-22 08:09
So sweet! : )
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