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My Fairytale.

Written by  knelms
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September 2011- I was in a very hard place in my life.  I had just let go of a relationship that I had tried to save for over a year.  I was not really sure where my path was leading me and where I would end up.  But I was headed for vacation with some friends and was determined to have a good time. 

The night before leaving, I was packing my bags and I got a Facebook notification.  It was a friend request from a guy named Brian.  I looked at his picture, but did not know him.  But I took a second look at his pictures because I found him very good looking. I recognized his name from when we were kids.  You see, we grew up in rival schools and for whatever reason you might come up with, I remembered his name even though we never met.  I think it was because he happens to have the same name as a country music singer and I've always been a country music fan. 

So I accepted his request.  It was totally out of the ordinary for me to accept a stranger, but I just felt something I suppose.  I had plans of confirming him, then looking through his friends, photos, etc. and then would decide if I should let him remain or if I should delete him.   Well, like I said, I was packing for a vacation to Gatlinburg and I honestly forgot to go look at his profile again. 

During my trip I would make comments on Facebook or "check in" at certain places and this mystery man started "liking" my posts.  Once again, I knew I needed to check him out, but I didn't have time with all the running around I was doing.  I remember telling my friend about the whole situation and how odd it was that a guy I didn't know was accepted and now he is "liking" things of mine on Facebook.  It is funny now to look back and think about how many times I thought of Brian even before we had ever spoken. 

Unfortunately, during my trip I got really, really sick.  I think I posted something on Facebook (of course!) about it and Brian took the initiative to send me a message and ask how I was feeling.  This is the moment when shock kind of took over.  A lot of things were running through my mind at this point.  "Who was this man?" "Why was he asking me if I was okay and feeling better?" "Why did he even care?"  This was Brian's nature showing clear, again before we had ever spoken.

So I told my friend about his latest act and she looked straight at me and said "Kayla, talk to him.  You never know. "  Her words stung almost.  She was so right.  I didn't know.  And I wouldn't until I talked to this man.  So I wrote him back and answered him.  He was one of the sweetest people.  We didn't talk long, but I knew instantly he wasn't a typical guy.  And he sure wasn't the kind I usually attracted.

We chatted some more over the next couple days, but then the day I traveled home, we didn't speak at all.  I actually remember checking my inbox on my phone to make sure I hadn't missed something.  But there was nothing there.  After a little pep talk to myself about how it was okay, and for me to not get upset about this, I let it go. 

And then we started talking again.  And there hasn't been a day since that we haven't spoken. 

Even after I was home, we still chatted via Facebook.  I wasn't sure what our relationship was, and he wasn't either.  We were just having conversation, but I honestly could feel something going on inside me.   Finally after a long night of tearing up some Facebook messages I told him he could just text me if he wanted to.  He admitted later he was too nervous to ask me for my number.  It's a good thing I did! ha! So right after that, we texted a little before going to bed. 

The next day we texted. I found myself just waiting anxiously for his next message to come in.  I was crushing on him, hard.  Yes, I felt like I was insane.  How was I developing a crush on a man I didn't even know?  God's will is all I know.  Later that night, Brian asked me if he could call me.  I admit I was nervous.  The first few minutes on phone call with a stranger are always awkward.  But I said yes, and so he called me.  The awkwardness?  Completely not there.  We dove straight into conversation.  And oddly enough, it was about death.  What a way to start a phone call, right?  

The previous night (while still on Facebook) we had talked about marriage/divorce.  I let him know very firmly that I didn't believe in divorce and wasn't going to do it.  I explained that I was 27 years old and had waited for the perfect man to come along and if he didn't, then I'd never marry, because I just simply didn't want to end up that way.  He said he agreed with me the whole time.  And I wondered then why me and him were even having this conversation.  Remember, we had never met yet. 

Well during the phone call, Brian told me that he had wanted to call me because he wanted to be upfront with me about something.  I said okay.  And he explained that if I didn't want to continue to talk to him after the fact that he understood, etc.  I said okay.  Yes, I was nervous.  Then he told me he had been previously married. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of relief I had when he said that.  I thought I was about to hear that he was not single or that he was engaged, etc.  Ha!

Brian told me his story on his marriage, how it happened, how it fell apart, etc.  I sat there and listened to him pour his heart out to me.  And I couldn't help but think it was so amazing that this man felt this comfortable with me to tell me something that really wasn't my business.  After he told me what all he felt like he needed to, I told him it didn't change the way I felt one bit.  I think he was shocked to hear me say that, but the truth is the older I've gotten the more I've known that if I found a man one day that he might have been married or even a dad.  It is just a reality that I knew was something to deal with and accept.  And I did.

It was that point when I knew me and Brian were on a road to becoming something.  I didn't know how important or how much of an impact we were going to make on each other, but I knew it was coming.  We talked on the phone, we texted, and we started discussing meeting each other.  Afterall, that was the next big step. 

The night rolled around and I got off work at 4:30.  He wasn't coming over until 7:00.  I had some time to kill so I decided to ride with my mom and dad to see my niece.  We got out there and were having a good time and I ended up not back at my house until 6:30.  I was in a major panic.  Poor Brian had been in a panic all day.  I'm not sure what his fears were, but he was stressing me out to listen to him.  I was fine all day, until my 30 minute window happened. 

Thirty minutes to get ready to possibly meet the love of my life..!?  How was this going to work?  I don't know and still don't know to this day, but I managed to get myself home, showered, and back together in time for him to arrive.  Now I know I should have stayed inside my house and let him walk to my front door, but I'm not your typical girl.  I met him half way down my drive way and hugged him.  I promise the moment I felt him touch me, my knees went weak.  He was everything I had imagined he would be in person.  He was tall, so handsome, and so gentle.  And he had flowers in his hand for me.  I've gotten flowers less times than I have fingers, so it was a pretty big deal.

The night was perfect.  We chatted, we laughed, we touched, we hugged.  When he left, he took a piece of my heart with him.  I knew that night that this man was meant for me.  I never would have breathed that to anyone, but I knew he was special.  And that I was not about to lose him. 

From that point on, Brian and I just became closer.  We have laughed so many times about how funny it is that we have both lived in a small town our whole lives, been friends with the same people, dated each other's friends, and yet never once met.  We both also agree that it is God's timing.  He knew we needed the hurt, the pain, and the failed relationships to show us just what it meant to find a true love.

Brian is my true love.  He is the first man I've ever felt half the emotions I experience.  I believe with my whole heart I never really loved before him.  We have found a once in a lifetime love in each other.   He is my soul mate, he is my best friend, and he is the man I look to about any decision I make in my life.  We aren't engaged yet, but there are definite plans to be married in the next couple years. 

Brian IS my Fairy Tale come true.  



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0 # javeac 2012-02-14 11:22
Beautiful story!
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0 # Brandy Short 2013-01-17 06:33
A refreshing story of God's work! So proud for you Kayla...you deserve to be blessed beyond recognition and true love is an amazing blessing!
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0 # Cousin Teresa 2013-04-29 10:50
This is sooo touching. Thank you for sharing.
We all have a story to tell,again thanks for sharing.
May God bless you and Brian many times over.Sometimes blessings are hard to recognize,but I believe the two of you will
be on "the look out" for all that will come your way.
Love,Teresa Carter Redfearn
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