Tola and Abiola

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That's what She Said...

I technically met Abby on Facebook, yes, yes, I know shocking! He added me on facebook but I didn't accept him cos I didn't know him (something I'm fond of doing)... Anyway a few days later, I went to work and there he was, a new recruit for my company, or at least it looked like him, but I wasn't too sure. When I got home, I accepted his friendship and asked if he was at the office earlier today and he said it was him. That was the beginning of our friendship.

We remained friends for close to a year. Yes, there were times I thought he would ask me out but he never did; so after a while I got comfortable in our friendship and told him all about me and my 'man issues' and he would give me good advice. I should have known...

After I left the company things started getting a little cosier between us. I realised we were hanging out a lot more and doing stuff together. Next thing I knew he asked me out! I didn't see that coming. Fortunately for him, I was single (which he obviously knew!), so I said what the heck, yes!

I haven't looked back since then.

We've been together for over a year now and it's been a lovely ride which I thank God for each and every single day...

That's what He Said...

I was going through my friend's friend list on facebbok, trying to see who I can make friends with in Newcastle (I had just moved into town) and I happened upon Tola's photo's, I was impressed, I called my friend, "Guy who be this fine girl, Tola, we de your friend list for facebook?", "a friend" he replied.. I sent her a friend request.. no response..hmmmm

A few days later, I got a facebook message, It was Tola, I was filled with joy, she had seen me at an office where she worked and she was confirming if it was me, "Yep" I said...

That was where it started, a wonderful friendship that has culminated into our getting married.
We started a journey on that day and that journey has been an interesting, fun, and at-times-trying trip but it's been totally worth it.

I thank God for where we have come from, where we are now and where we are going to and I pray for God's blessing and continued Guidance and protection as we go on this journey together.

I look forward to many many many many....more years ahead together.

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0 # love1999 2011-05-13 23:49
what a beautiful story May God continue blessing you :-)
love both sides.
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