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Tola and Abiola

Written by tola
Monday, 11 April 2011 11:31
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Tola and Abiola That's what She Said... I technically met Abby on Facebook, yes, yes, I know shocking! He added me on facebook but I didn't accept him cos I didn't know him (something I'm fond of doing)... Anyway a few days later, I went to work and there he was, a new recruit for my company, or at least it looked like him, but I wasn't too sure. When I got home, I accepted his friendship and…

Edgar and Yasmin

Written by The Garcias
Saturday, 09 April 2011 19:59
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Edgar and Yasmin (July 2009) After 13 years together as a couple, the subject of 'How Did We Meet' is still a subject for debate in our home.  She tells people that we met online during the glory days of AOL, while I say the first time we really met was at a dance.  That night, is when I truly got to know her and not just words on the screen. Rewind back to the Winter of 1997.  It was early…
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