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It was always there we just never knew it.

Written by beans764
Tuesday, 30 April 2013 12:25
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L 's D It was a cool spring night and my cousin invited me to his house for a pool party. I think he had grilled hotdogs and had plenty of beer. The weather wasn’t cooperating to jump in the pool it was too cold. Then, in walks Ms. D. I immediately thought “oh cute!” My cousin introduces her and I get to talking to her. So I am feeling some chemistry with this girl. I mean I…

Blossoms in DC

Written by shorty88
Tuesday, 24 April 2012 19:47
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Halloween 2011 To start with our story is to start a different story.  Previous to being happy, I was in a four-year relationship that went nowhere.  I was best friends with my ex all through high school (yes, we even dated once at the beginning of high school, and broke up to become best friends) and we ended up going to the same college, strangely enough.  I started dating my ex within the first month of arriving…

One Small Decision

Written by laurenrebecca
Monday, 13 February 2012 09:12
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One Small Decision This picture is of me and my boyfriend, Ty, not long after we first met. I came across it the other day and it got me thinking. I thought about how strange it is that one decision, one small decision, can effect our entire lives. If I think about it long enough, it tends to make me indecisive in the choices I make in life. However, I believe that there is something out there looking…

The best orientation I ever had

Written by kblanton
Sunday, 08 January 2012 18:49
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I moved to Florida in 1991 for a new position as a Director of Nursing.  The week after I started my new job, I was sent around to meet various administrators to get an idea of their departments and what they do. One of the administrators was to become my husband. He and I both had, in our backgrounds, working as management engineers.  During our meeting, he showed me all these cool reports and statistics…

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