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I don't call boys, boys call me

Written by Scottish
Wednesday, 18 April 2012 16:41
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I don't call boys, boys call me Yes, this is the last phrase I left the Scottish with that fateful night when we first met.  I gave him my number and said, “I don’t call boys, boys call me.”  I later found out that was a very rude thing to say and my friends and the Scottish thought I was being snotty.  What I meant was, “I’m too nervous to call you so would you please call me, like, be old-fashioned about…

We are a very interesting pair :)

Written by keciasherri
Friday, 23 March 2012 09:34
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We are a very interesting pair   :) It's a long story, lol, one of which Eric doesn't like to tell, however we met by phone first. We really didn't have much in common the first time we talked or so I thought, then he called back, and mentioned he was a Tru Blood and Prince fan, and that was all it took. We eventually met for dinner, where it felt natural and the conversation flowed. We started as just hang out buddies,…
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So in love :) It was January 2009. I was not even looking for a boyfriend. I was single and happy. I was 21 and had just moved into an apartment with my best friend and definitely did not want to be tied down. I had just bought a car when a week later, the check engine light came on. So I took it to Auto Zone to have a free diagnostic run on the engine. When I walked in…

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