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Thought we were opposites...

Written by Lady Lani
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 02:22
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Always, my hero... My first sighting of Mr square jaw was as i was leaving gym one late afternoon, i was freshly out of highschool and still learning to find control over my hormones.  As i left the entrance and looked across the parking lot i saw this totally HOT guy walking towards the entrance, he was chatting to one of his friends that i recognised as my best friends BF. I was enthralled to know i would…

Brum Love

Written by tiabrum
Sunday, 25 March 2012 21:21
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Brum Love Mike and I met in high-school! He was a football player, I was a cheerleader. I know, I know - but It's true haha!We actually did not start dating in high school, we were just in the same group of friends and we became very close. Then, college came and we actually went our separate ways. I stayed here and went to Cal State Long Beach while Mike left an headed two hours away to…

Finding "the one" when you least expect it

Written by NewlywedNichole
Tuesday, 21 February 2012 11:55
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Finding "the one" when you least expect it How we met sounds SO cliché. Boy and girl meet at a bar. Boy buys girl a drink. Boy makes girl laugh...and the rest is history. But there is so much more to "how" we met! I was twenty-three and just out of a dramatic on again/off again thing and absolutely not looking for anything. I hardly ever went anywhere without at least ONE friend in tow. But the night that I met my now…

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