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How we became Mr and Mrs.

Written by Bmfritz
Thursday, 16 February 2012 09:49
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How we became Mr and Mrs. (This is MY version of our love story; his may be a tad different!)We grew up together since Kindergarten at the same school. We had some of the same friends, hung out at the some of the same places, but ultimately we ran in different crowds in middle school and high school. We graduated high school and went to different colleges. Actually, he moved all the way out to Colorado for school and I stayed…

Our Love Story: It's In the Little Things

Written by OurLoveNest
Tuesday, 14 February 2012 08:42
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Our Love Story: It's In the Little Things I have been asked this question many times, and the funny part is that I don't remember the exact time and place where B and I met, but I'll give you some background on our 'story.' We both attended James Madison University in VA, and were in the same class. Although we lived on opposite sides of campus freshman year, we soon found ourselves living across the street from each other in an off campus,…

Our Love Story

Written by arinaldi
Tuesday, 07 February 2012 22:08
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Our Love Story January 2003Spring Semester Freshman year of college I had a Tue/Thurs Public Speaking class. I remember almost even dropping the class because it was one of those awful evening classes which I could really foresee cutting into my Thirsty Thursday plans with my girlfriends. I wish I was kidding.The first day of class I walked in a grabbed a seat.... looking around to see if I recognized/knew anyone else in the class. I didn't. Bummer.A…

It Was The Speed-Dating

Written by DitaKiki
Tuesday, 17 May 2011 10:34
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It Was The Speed-Dating Kiki and I met in Nice, France. We were both studying in the same institute, taking different Master Programs. At one point, students from different programs had to do a simulation game together, therefore, the school organized a speed-dating a week before the simulation started, to have the students from different programs to get to know each other. And there we met. The idea was just that every student has to talk to another student,…

Marc and Timor

Written by timor
Monday, 11 April 2011 14:52
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I have always been a true sucker for love stories. Fascinated by romance, fairy tales, the prince you meet and live “happily ever after”. Marc and I met at school but were not in contact with each other. We were both in relationships with other people, but our group of friends were pretty much the same. One evening, we had all gone to Sandton, and Marc and his girlfriend had started fighting and were leaving.…

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