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Fishing: A love Story

Written by  lasdes
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I met FI on plentyoffish. I'd been single for 7 months, and I was lonely. I made a plentyoffish account (actually, that's a LIE- I didn't even make one, I used a friends and just deleted her picture) and started "fishing."

There's a lot of freaks on the internet. That was my experience with POF. I didn't message a SINGLE person. And then I saw his profile. It was nerdy, intelligent, and he was attractive. I sent him a message (the one and ONLY person I ever messaged on POF), and he sent me a considerably unpleasant response.

His profile said he was a technician in the military, and was looking for someone scientific with the same interests. I'm studying Neuroscience and Pharmacology, so I sent him a message saying we had similar interests. His response:

"This sounds like a fake account, please stop contacting me. Your interests are listed as "clothing and makeup." (Yeah, I'm not great with describing myself.)

Oh HELL NO. I wasn't taking that as an answer.

I sent him a snarky response back, something along the lines of:

"Save your arrogance for someone else, you are not worth my time."

And then I solved the math problem he had posted on his "blurb." It was a statistics problem- something about the probability of 2 users online at a given time, having the same birthday. I forget, to be honest, but my answer was completely corrent.

Apparently that proved him wrong, and he apologized. We met the next day- it was the best date of my entire life. By the end of the night, he asked:

"What do you think about social conventions?"

I questioned the meaning behind that, and he replied:

"I had an amazing time with you tonight, would you consider becoming exclusive with me after this date?"

I said yes.

2 months later we moved into an apartment together.

After 4 months he had proposed. I said yes without hesitation.

I am so lucky to have found someone I love this much. The one and only person I ever spoke with on a dating site, is now the man that I intend to spend the rest of my life with.

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+2 # Emma J 2012-04-05 04:41
awww, this is so cute and well written

pretty couple!
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