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From High School to I Do

Written by  adgregory
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I met the love of my life on the first day of senior year in high school.  He was the new kid in town and I had been there for far too long.  We had college algebra together.  I walked in.. walked over and said "Hi I'm Amanda, you must be new." and shook his hand.. for a couple of weeks we would talk outside of school, but in school we never really acted like we were anything more than acquaintances. We both got into other relationships the majority of senior year.  A couple of weeks before graduation Rob's relationship ended and we were back to being friends again.  After the whirlwind that is senior prom and graduation, summer started and Rob dropped some big news... He had enlisted.  In just a few weeks he would be headed off to basic training for the United States Army.  Throughout basic we kept in touch through letters.  I was working on completing my degree and happened to have just finished class when I got that first phone call after he had graduated.  I was standing outside with my friend Bree when my phone went off.  From then on we were in constant contact.  With the help of Rob, I got out of what had become a nasty relationship.  And was ready for the next phase in my life... At the end of that year Rob came back to Kansas for his first time in 6 months.  After picking him up at the airport we spent two weeks becoming even closer and on December 20th he asked me to officially be his girlfriend.  He came back to Kansas several more times while finishing AIT, before he PCS'd to Fort Meade, Maryland.  I took many trips out there though and on one he asked me to marry him.  I said yes.  A coupe of days later, on March 17th 2010, we went to the courthouse in Annapolis and tied the knot.  Fifty bucks and a short ceremony and we were legally married for the rest of time... I still had two months to go before I would be done with my degree, but just a few days after that graduations ceremony we hit the road in a jam packed Toyota Corolla.  24 hours after we arrived safely  in Maryland we picked Piston, our boxer, up.  At ten pounds, I had no idea what kind of trouble he would be.  I immersed myself in life as a military wife.  Ft. Meade is a rather small community, and so I made friends quickly with the help of the company FRG and Enlisted Spouses Club.  Considering the circumstances I would say we adjusted nicely to living with each other... About a year later we were faced with the choice of where to go next.  Although a year in Kuwait was not the most ideal choice, it was the only one that made sense.  So arrangements were made and a month before deployment, we moved all our stuff back to Kansas.. Now I get to hold down the fort with the help of the furry one while we wait this year out... follow all of our adventures over at somewhereoverthecamo.blogspot.com!

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