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The girl that knows what (or who!) she wants...

Written by  Madi.So.Excited
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So in love :) So in love :)

It was January 2009. I was not even looking for a boyfriend. I was single and happy. I was 21 and had just moved into an apartment with my best friend and definitely did not want to be tied down. I had just bought a car when a week later, the check engine light came on. So I took it to Auto Zone to have a free diagnostic run on the engine. When I walked in to the store, I saw HIM. Blonde hair, blue eyes...gorgeous! I instantly became shy and stumbled over my words as I explained why I was there. He came out with the little machine and hooked it up to my car. The whole time I wondered if I should make small talk or not. We exchanged a few sentences back and forth, and I can remember feeling like such a fool. Surely he must have thought that I was an idiot. After that day, I made excuses to go back into Auto Zone. I went in there for parts I knew they didn't have, I asked questions I already knew the answer to, and I bought stuff I didn't need. I would even stand in his line full of customers when the cashier on the other side of him was empty. My friend said that every time we would drive by, I would practically break my neck trying to see if his truck was there. Every time I would go in, his facial expression would change. It seemed to light up. I was hoping that maybe he thought I was cute too.

I finally became bored with the method I was using, so I resorted to good ol' Myspace. I was too shy to say anything out of the ordinary in person, so I found him online and messaged him. I told him I thought he was cute and that we should hang out one day. We exchanged a few messages back and forth (he told me he thought I was adorable as well), and finally I gave him my phone number and told him that I was tired of running to the computer every time I wanted to talk to him. After that it was a waiting game. About a week later, he text me. It was on a Sunday night. I was so excited, although the conversation was less than thrilling. He wasn't much of a conversationalist. But still...we were talking.

We decided to hang out later that week...finally! He told me to just come over to his house and we would figure out together what we wanted to do. Well...when I got there, we were not alone. Five or six of his friends were there too. It was not what I expected at all. I didn't know anyone there, I hardly knew him, and I felt completely out of place. I had to sit in his living room while he took a shower. I sat there hoping the night would get better. When he finally finshed with his shower, we went to the grocery store because he was going to cook me dinner. The night seemed to be improving. Until we got back to his house and I saw his sink. Every dish, pot, pan, glass, and piece of silverware in the house was dirty! Being the sweet person that I am :) I did his dishes. It took soooooo long, but we were able to be alone in his kitchen and finally have a decent conversation. It wasn't the most conventional first "date" I've ever been on, but I was just happy to be hanging out with him. We spent the rest of the night together hanging out and talking, and when I decided to go home, he walked me out. It was then that I found out he had a girlfriend. A GIRLFRIEND!! Needless to say, I left furious and pushed him out of the picture.

Several days later, he wrote me a text message explaining everything. He was dating a girl that lived about 45 minutes away, but at the time we hung out, they were on a break. They both were unsure of the distance and decided to take some time off from each other. He said when he met me he really liked me, and decided to end things with her. Both of them thought it was a good idea to go their separate ways and date someone closer to where they lived. They ended their relationship on a good note, still as friends, and we found out later that as soon as they broke up, she had another boyfriend, so it worked out for the best for both of them.

Even though they had parted ways, I was still leery of him. I mean they were still technically together when we hung out...that told me a lot about him! But he assured me that she knew everything, and he wanted the chance to get to know me better. I took a BIG BIG leap and kept seeing him.

It was still not a fairy tale from there, though. His friends didn't seem to like me, and to this day I don't know why. Everyone told us that we were way too different and we needed to give up because it wasn't going to work out anyway. (I was born and raised in upstate NY and he was born and raised in GA). We are from two completely different backgrounds, and we had different opinions about mostly everything. One of his friends even told me that WHEN we broke up (because he knew we were going to) he was going to laugh and say "I told you so." In a weird way, these ruthless people and their opinions made us want to try harder. It gave us something to work towards. Several months later, the roommates moved out and I moved in after my lease ended. Once the friends were out of the picture (or at least not living in the house), things improved. We liked each other, we had fun together, but it always brought us down to have people telling us not to even try. I moved in January 2010 and we have been living together ever since. Our relationship is great, we were engaged March 10, 2012, and we are getting married March 23, 2013. We have learned to compromise on things that really showcase how differently we were brought up, and we complement each other. I'm the rowdy loud mouthed northerner, and he's the quiet southern gentleman. We balance each other out. Most importantly, we have learned not to listen to what other people have to say. We focus only on each other, and if we hear something about the other one, we will go to them first and talk it out. (We went though a 3-week break up period in November 2011 that started with people telling us different things that the other one supposedly did. For whatever reason, they wanted us to break up.) Although those were the worst 3 weeks ever, the break-up really did help solidify our relationship as it gave us a chance to step away and work on ourselves. We have never been stronger.

My relationship has been the most unconventional relationship I've ever been in, but I don't think it would work any other way. That's part of what makes us "us".


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