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Love is Friendship set on Fire

Written by  megso1313
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Well the very first time I ever met Kevin was "New Student Weekend" at Otterbein (where we went to college). He was with his roommate and best friend from high school, Jeff; babysitting another kid from the dorm. I can honestly tell you what he was wearing but a quick hi & goodbye was the end of the conversation. Then about a week later a girl in my dorm, Mandy, said she knew a couple guys from orientation and we should all hang out with them (all meaning the 6 of us girls that were always together). The guys & girls started hanging out & pretty soon we were all pretty inserparable. Through the beginning and even well into the middle of freshman year Kevin and I were great friends! Mind you, he had a girlfriend for a good bit of the year and I had a boyfriend. However, sometime in the early spring an attraction started between us, we started hanging out more and more (yes I still had a boyfriend, he did not have his girlfriend but nothing had happened). Then one day it just clicked for me that I knew I liked Kevin a lot more than just a friend, and even knew that he was "the one" (yeah, yeah, yeah corny I know). I quickly made a phone call to my then at the time boyfriend and broke it off. The rest for Kev and I is history! We've had a great 5 1/2 years together. Growing and learning together as a couple. Having good times and bad times. Unforgettable moments together with friends & family! I'm lucky to have someone like Kevin and I can't wait to grow old together with him!

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