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K + Q (me and my soldier)

Written by  KokoLikes
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Q + K Q + K


I've loved Quincy since the first time I set eyes on him in the Century City Mall food court. We were 15.  He was going on a blind date with my friend, who brought me along for support. He liked her. I liked him.

The next week, he called me to get the scoop on my friend. My friend wasn't that interested in him. He kept coming around to try to sway her. Slowly she moved out of the picture, but Quincy and my friendship grew stronger. We became best friends. My crush on him grew.

The next year, he invited another girl to his tenth-grade semi-formal. My heart broke. Then he went away to boarding school on the east coast. I cried. He got a new girlfriend. I was angry and sad. We started to move apart.

College 2004 (not our finest look)

He came home for college single. I went to college single. As fate would have it, his fraternity was across the street from my sorority. We were friendly, but things had changed. We weren't best friends like we once were. We were barely talking. We saw each other socially, but that was it. I missed him.

My 21st Birthday

After college, I reached out to him. I wanted my best friend again. We started by talking. Then spending time together. Then slowly we were spending 4-5 days together a week. Then I moved to New York for work and my heart hurt I missed him so much. I moved home. He moved in. And we were dating.

Right before we were official

Four months later, he moved to Georgia to start his Army career. I visited every month. In October 2010, he moved to Alaska. I stayed in LA. In April 2011, he deployed to Afghanistan. In March 2012, he will finally be back. And in 2012 we will finally live together again.

On our first road trip to Georgia

It's been a journey. My joke is that I've loved Quincy since he was 15, it only took him 10 years to come around. We have been through boyfriends, girlfriends, break-ups, career ups and downs, disappointments and huge accomplishments together. He knows me better than I know myself and I wouldn't be the person I am today without him. It took 12 years of friendship to build the relationship we have (and yes, I still tell him he hurt my feelings inviting Ali Segel to tenth-grade semi-formal and not me).

DC 2011

Quincy is: loyal, supportive, strong, responsible, handsome, funny, a great leader, romantic, a good listener, understanding, passionate, determined, patient, treats me like a princess and the best partner I could ask for.

There is no one else I would rather call my man.

Ranger Grad 2010



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