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Wanna dance?

Written by  nschwalge
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On a summer night my friends & I went out for a birthday & we were having a great time dancing, drinking, laughing when Chris asked me to dance. I said no. Well, after a little bit he actually asked me again to dance. After getting approval from my friends I danced with him. He kissed me before the night was over. Well, fast forward about 3 weeks. Chris & I texted randomly on & off but I was getting bored because he would text me once or maybe twice a day then never respond back to me. So finally I texted him & said stop texting me unless you're going to ask me on a date. He did. Date=fail. We went to dinner & I ran into a friend from college. Well I went to give him a hug & I guess Chris was thinking, what the heck!? Later in the date I decided to tell him what I thought was funny (what hippos do when they're mad)... Well, Chris didn't find this funny one bit. It was a terrible date, just awful (we both agree on this). He gave me a kiss goodnight & I was thinking okay never seeing him again. Well, he (to my surprise) texted me the next day. I decided to give him one more chance, invited him out with my intern friends & they loved him & I decided I really liked him too. The rest is history. Well, sorta. Last November he learned the army was moving him to Savannah, Georgia. I still had a whole semester of college to finish in Tacoma, Washington. I decided to move after college as long as we survived long distance. Which we did... & now here I am. In a house, living with him in warm & sunny Savannah, Georgia.

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