Our Love Story

Written by  LABride
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We met in a Sensations & Preceptions class at ULM in 2007. We are both Psychology majors. Towards the end of the semester a few of us who would be seniors were registering for our university capstone class and I suggested Jeremy {who I didn't know was a semester behind us} take the class with us under Dr. Palmer. Since I had to catch up with him in front of Starbucks he swears to this day I was stalking him. But I wasn't, I was being nice. The spring semester we took Palmer's class on positive something or another which was basically us watching a ton of videos by Joseph Campbell and do a presentation about religion. Well needless to say my panic attacks set in and as a means of preventing from presenting (Jeremy and I were set to present the same day) I asked his friend who sat in front of me for his number and text him "If you don't go first I will kill you." Romantic right? Well he went, and I still didn't present, I lied and said I didn't have my flash drive-that professor seriously gave me panic attacks. That night Jeremy text me some cheesy mess, and long story short we were supposed to be going on a bunch of psychology group outings that turned into everyone backing out but us dates. After he took me to the Emo concert that everyone else backed out of he asked me out in April. He ran off to Africa for 3 weeks in June, and we were engaged in August.




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