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The Story of How I Met Your Father

Written by  ElleSee
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My 18th birthday celebration in 2001. My 18th birthday celebration in 2001.

It was December 28, 1999, and my best friend, who was here for a visit during the Christmas holiday, and I somehow convinced my mom that she should drive us over to a friend's house so that we could hang-out with him and a group of his friends -- that we had never met. My mom was a bit anxious about the fact that she had never met this group of friends -- especially because we had mistakenly told her that one of them was a bit of a trouble-maker. We had loads of fun, and there were a couple of guys there that I had my eye on, but -- little did I know -- there was one guy that had his eye on me as soon as I walked through the door.

That was the night that I met my husband, and I didn't even know it. Literally, I didn't even know he was there. Years later I would look at photographs of that night and see that he was there the whole time, but I didn't remember him at all. He was such a shy boy to the point of invisibility, and he is still quite shy to this very day. I continued to hang-out with this new group of friends, even after my best friend went back home, and slowly began getting to know this guy a bit better.

We began emailing, and talking to each other on the phone -- a real phone -- and he eventually worked up the courage to ask me out to a movie; I said yes, thinking, for some reason, that it was going to be a group of friends, and not just the two of us. After we hung up, I realised that it was going to be a date and quickly told my parents about it because I had never been on a date before, and knew that it was part of the rules to ask their permission first -- lame, I know, but I always played by the rules.

Clearly, my parents gave their consent, because, on February 5, 2000, my  husband and I went on our very first date! We decided to go to a movie  called The Talented Mr. Ripley. Neither of us could drive at the  time, so my future mother-in-law dropped us off at the theatre, and then  picked us up and took us to McDonald's to get some food -- yes, we were spoiled. After the  movie, he asked me if I would like to be his girlfriend and I said  "yes" -- my husband actually got a raise in his allowance because he had a girlfriend.

Our friends were supportive, but behind our backs they had made a bet that our relationship wouldn't last more than two and a half weeks -- we sure showed them! It was at about a month that I wasn't really feeling it anymore; this was my first relationship, and so I obviously had no idea what to do or expect. I let it be while I went away for a week on a school trip, and while I was gone I really started to miss him. It was then that I decided to stay in the relationship, and, although we have had our rough patches, I wouldn't trade my experiences with him for anything.

Today, February 5, 2012,  it has been 12 years since our first date, and neither of us forget a  single moment of the day. I actually just realised that we are going on a  date to a movie today. I hope it's better than The Talented Mr. Ripley, but I know that it will be with the love of my life!

At my best friend's graduation in 2003.

Fun with a photo-booth in 2003.
Top left: Unsure about when the photo will be taken.
Top right: Okay...now we know when it will be taken.
Bottom left: Kiss shot. He thought the photo had been taken.
Bottom right: Okay...linger until we know it's been taken :)

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