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Finding Love in Unseen Places

Written by  tchygienist
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We actually met on Myspace, way back when that was popular, I had asked to be his friend because I saw his page on one of my friends pages and I thought of he is cute. So anywho, he added me, time went by, nothing happened. Then one day he IMed me. We started talking. At that time I was dating someone else and going through a lot of things in my life. He was like my counselor. He helped me get through all my struggles. Well I broke it off with the guy I was seeing. Little did I know this whole time, he had a girlfriend. ( I didn't find this out until months later, I could have got beat up). We kept just talking through IM and then one day, he called me. He worked at Food City in the video department and he would call me while he was at work. We would talk for a long time. This went on for several months. ( I'm not sure if he was still dating his girlfriend at the time either, :) ). Then one day we decided to meet in person. This wasn't the average meeting you would expect. I had actually floured my ex's car and I had gotten caught by the police and he came, along with his friend. If was starting to like me, this whole scenario just ruined any of my chances for sure. He was less than pleased. (Weird first meeting, huh?) So time went by, we continued to talk on the phone, IM, see each other occasionally. I was very very shy, and I still am when I meet new people, so he didn't really know what to think of it. Then all the sudden. We started meeting all the time. (My parent's didn't know at the time. I was afraid to tell them, because I mean we met on Myspace). We grew closer, I introduced him to my parents. On April 19, 2006, he asked me at a red light to be his girlfriend. I've never looked back and here we are. :)

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