How we became Mr and Mrs.

Written by  Bmfritz
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(This is MY version of our love story; his may be a tad different!)

We grew up together since Kindergarten at the same school. We had some of the same friends, hung out at the some of the same places, but ultimately we ran in different crowds in middle school and high school. We graduated high school and went to different colleges. Actually, he moved all the way out to Colorado for school and I stayed in Iowa. Finally, he "hit me up on myspace" (oh yeah, I just said that!) a year or two after high school and we reconnected again. He was coming back for the summer to visit family and friends and he was dying to see me. (hehe cocky much Britt? jk) We hung out, he fell in love and moved back from Colorado. At that point, I thought he was the best kisser and the nicest man ever to me, but ultimately I wasn't ready for what he was bringing to the table at that point. (Lame right?) So long story short, I was a mean little heartbreaker and we eventually went our seperate ways. A year later, he texted me on my birthday and said "Happy Birthday, hope you're doing well" and the rest is history. Love that man :)


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