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Our Love Story: It's In the Little Things

Written by  OurLoveNest
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I have been asked this question many times, and the funny part is that I don't remember the exact time and place where B and I met, but I'll give you some background on our 'story.' We both attended James Madison University in VA, and were in the same class. Although we lived on opposite sides of campus freshman year, we soon found ourselves living across the street from each other in an off campus, town home neighborhood filled with other JMU kids. Our roommates had a class together, and I had recently broken up with my high school boyfriend, so she took me to a party at their place to meet some 'new guys.' It was around that time that I first met B and about 15 of his closest friends. And, did I mention that they were all adorable?!

Fast forward to junior year; I was now dating a different guy (not part of B's group), but would still see B and his friends a few times per month. They threw fun parties, and it was hard to say no to cute guys all the time :o) Well, I'm sure you can guess what happened next; the college bf and I broke up (for the third time), and I decided it was time to try and get to know other guys.

B and I didn't start dating until after we graduated in 2006, but there is one memory that I have from senior year of college that I would love to tell our children and grandchildren some day: One afternoon shortly after my last breakup with the college bf, I was sitting on the front stoop outside my college apartment (B was still my neighbor at this time) thinking about how it was that I got to senior year of college and basically had to start all over again with the 'dating scene.' I always thought I'd get married and start a family at a young age, and I was feeling discouraged by the whole thing. I remember thinking "God, I wonder what the man I'm meant to marry is doing right now, and where he is?" At that very moment, B must have been leaving for class because, he drove right by me in his old Jeep. I know that may sound made up, and it didn't hit me at the time, but it really happened, and looking back now, I know it was God giving me a tiny glimpse into our future.

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0 # javeac 2012-02-14 11:17
That's awesome! Love all your pics :)
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