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Our Love Story

Written by  arinaldi
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January 2003
Spring Semester Freshman year of college I had a Tue/Thurs Public Speaking class. I remember almost even dropping the class because it was one of those awful evening classes which I could really foresee cutting into my Thirsty Thursday plans with my girlfriends. I wish I was kidding.

The first day of class I walked in a grabbed a seat.... looking around to see if I recognized/knew anyone else in the class. I didn't. Bummer.

A few minutes later this group of kids walked in -- 2 guys and a girl. You could hear them laughing and joking all the way down the hallway and as they walked in, I made eye contact almost immediately with one of the guys.

He was cute. Right off the bat I thought he was cute. I had never noticed him around campus before. I remember thinking he looked really young and boyish. I also remember thinking he looked kind of like Aladdin (haha). He was wearing a dark long-sleeved tee-shirt and had thick dark hair that was sticking out from under a Penn State baseball cap. He had a black backpack on and he gave me this goofy grin when he walked in and sat in the seat diagonally to my left.

I of course played it totally cool and ignored him. (minus sneaking a few glances here and there. Obvi.) At the time, I had a boyfriend so I wasn't interested in anything... but there is nothing wrong with some eye candy, right? :)

Little did I know in that moment that this boyish, goofy-grinning, Penn State hat wearing, Aladdin-look-alike would one day be the father of my children.

He was quiet and didn't talk much. Over the course of the next few weeks, I became chatty buddies with the other guy and girl in his group, close friends of his. We exchanged IM screen names (remember when that was cool?) and talked online about class and other random stuff. After that, I started seeing him around campus... in the dining halls, the gym, etc. I'd smile and he'd smile back. That was it.

One day (I still give him crap for this), I wasn't feeling well but I was determined to go to class (the one class I hardly ever skipped... teehee), and ended up schlepping to class in yoga pants and a hoodie. I'll never forget him leaning over to my desk with a smile and teasingly saying, "way to dress up for class." I think my jaw literally dropped on the floor. And after that, I made it a point to dress up for class quite often. (I later found out that he would have his friend - the girl who was in the class with us - help him pick out his outfits for our class together... awww ;-))

April 2003
My relationship with my boyfriend ended in the early spring, and that's when the obnoxious flirting between "Aladdin" and I really began. He was funny. He was constantly making me laugh. And I just couldn't resist that goofy grin. We would stay up til 4 or 5 am chatting over IM... but then barely say a word to one another in class. We'd secretly check each other's away messages to see when/where they were eating... but then just exchange a shy smile when we "ran into each other" in the dining halls. He lived in the same dorm as three of my best friends.... and yes, I'd occasionally walk the "long way" to see them... if it meant even the small chance of seeing him.

It was stupid.

Looking back, I can't believe how elementary we were being. I so wish I  knew then what I knew now so I could just go up to him and say, "Hey. Date me, already. Because we're getting married one day and I don't want to waste another second NOT being with you." But I didn't. And neither did he.

It wasn't until the end of the semester that we actually started spending time together. We attended a couple parties. Ran into each other at the local college hangout. Danced a few dances. That was it... still pretty lame. The semester ended and I remember him coming up to my dorm room to say goodbye while I was packing. Coincidentally enough, our parents lived only 20 minutes away from each other back home so we exchanged phone numbers and mentioned keeping in touch... although, I didn't think it would happen.

But it did.

May 2003
We texted non-stop for days once we both moved home, and then one night a friend of his was having a party and he invited me. I offered to be DD and went along... even though I didn't know anyone. I met all his high-school friends and had a nice time hanging out with them. I drove him home and on that humid May night, in his driveway, we shared our first kiss.
After that night, we were inseparable. We both worked all summer, but spent almost every other second together. We met each other's friends and siblings and parents. We spent many late summer nights talking and getting to know each other. We visited each other at work. We were that newly together, incredibly annoying, I-can't-live-without-you couple. And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

July 2003
I happened to be going to the Outer Banks in North Carolina with a friend the same week he was there with his family. Our beach houses were a block apart from each other so we spent a few nights hanging out. One night, just the two of us went for a walk on the beach. As we laid in the sand, staring at the stars, he told me he loved me. I'll never forget that night, the ocean crashing at our feet, hearing the way those words sounded, how long (it felt like) I'd waited to hear them. It had only been two months, but I knew what we had was real. I'd never been so happy.

We went back to school in the fall and were just as inseparable as before. We lived in the same dorm and his friends became my friends and vice versa. We attended many, MANY (probably too many) parties and dances and date nights and vacations together. As the years went on, we grew older and wiser as we grew more in love with each other. We had our moments, as any couple does. We had our fights, our great days and our awful ones. We spent a summer 'apart,' so to speak, while I was traveling abroad... but once I returned we knew there was no one else we wanted to be with but each other. We've been together ever since.

NINE years ago we met. We've shared more memories than I could probably even count. We graduated college together. Were there to celebrate with each other when we got our first jobs. He asked me to marry him. I said yes. We exchanged vows. We got a puppy. We lived newlywed life to it's fullest. We traveled the world. We got pregnant. We bought a house. We had a son. We became parents. We found out by trial and error that you can get pregnant while you're breast-feeding got pregnant again. We were thrilled to learn we're having a daughter. Our life has been so full of joy and excitement, love and surprises, hope and thankfulness. And I can't wait to see what the rest of it holds for us.


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0 # javeac 2012-02-14 11:34
Nice Story! You have such a beautiful family!
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