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Jason and Stacy

Written by  jasonstacy
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Stacy’s version

Well, as you can imagine, I don’t meet a lot of single guys in my line of work as a wedding photographer. Most guys I meet are either engaged or have dates on their arms, and my weekends are usually pretty booked, so I didn’t have much of an opportunity to meet new guys. After working with several couples that had met online through various dating sites, I realized that there were plenty of normal, interesting, socially-well-adjusted people who were finding the loves of their lives online, and I decided to give it a shot.

I registered with Match.com and went on dates with several different guys. Yes, I did meet quite a lot of creepy guys, pervs, recluses, and general losers, but I also met a lot of quality men. Most of them were new to Dallas, so I had a fun time showing off my home city to some guys. Finally I began dating a lawyer who was every bit the stereotype – aggressive, cocky, and sneaky. On April Fools Day, of all days, he stood me up, and I decided I would get back at him by finding a new guy and going on a date the very next day! I logged onto Match.com and I filled out every possible category, getting as specific as I could (and Match lets you get pretty darn specific!). When the results came up, there was one name: PhotoGuyDallas. I immediately knew I was going to click with this dude! I “winked” at him, and shortly afterwards we began chatting. Pretty much from the moment we started talking, we kept talking.. and talking, and talking, and talking! I’m pretty sure our work productivity for those first couple of weeks was non-existent. We chatted virtually every hour we were awake, and sometimes we would even return to our computers a couple of hours after we had “gone to bed” to chat some more. It seemed like we had virtually EVERYTHING in common, from our political opinions to our taste in music to religion and everything in between. It felt like I could talk to this guy for weeks and never run out of things to say, and he would always surprise me with these sweet comments. It seemed bizarre that I could be so attached to someone so quickly, but I was definitely already falling for him at that point.

Finally, about a week after my first wink, we agreed to meet in person on a snowy April afternoon. Jason came over to my condo and we watched and laughed as my sister Candy and her then-boyfriend (now husband to be) Tom raced a remote-controlled Evel Knievil over the speed bumps in my parking garage. Afterwards we headed to Valley View Mall where there was a traveling carnival in the parking lot, and we laughed and rode rides and took cool long exposure photos. As the sun set we headed back to my condo highrise and Jason busted out his secret lady-wooing weapon: his musical instruments. He played classics on his saxophone and modern songs on his guitar, and I was completely and totally hooked. I knew then and there that there was something special about this one!

Jason’s version

The end of 2006 and the start of 2007 was all about new starts. I had a new job, a new apartment, and a new girlfriend. In April, 2007, I decided to give match.com a try. I decided to try to attack this “finding a girlfriend” thing a little differently than most guys probably do. Being online a lot, I know there are tons more guys than there are girls. I wanted to try to take advantage of this knowledge somehow and use it on match.com. I knew that girls on match probably got a 20 messages from guys for every 1 message a guy gets from a girl. I knew I had to really put myself out there, and put a lot of time and creativity into my match profile if I were to get anywhere. I included my favorite movies, books, a list of 100 things about me, and talked about my interests. I got a hit nearly immediately, from a “photostacy”. I had no idea that two and a half years later, this would be the girl I’d propose to.

Our first date was was at a fair in dallas. We brought our cameras to take photos to commemorate the occasion, and I remember it was snowing.

After the fair, we went back to her apartment complex. I brought my guitar and saxophone. Cheesy right? Well, she loved the performance. At least I think she did. We went on a slew of dates after that, and we have spent nearly every waking moment together since. It’s been a lot of fun and good times. We got a pet dog together, We’ve bought a house, and I’ve adopted her pet cat, Vladimir. We sometimes call him “monster pants” — I don’t remember why. We’ve been to New York City, Chicago, Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, Miami, and on our last trip, Paris, Venice and Rome where I proposed in Paris.

I seriously couldn’t be happier.

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