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creative proposal story!

Written by  Kathryn Elise
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B had been hinting to me that he had a huge surprise planned for Valentine's Day. He hadn't revealed where we were eating or what we would be doing- I was guessing for weeks! Finally, the date night arrived, and we left for our special evening. He drove to The Peddler: a very classy, delicious restaurant in Greenville. It was packed! The line of people went all the way out the door. Luckily, the weather had been slightly warmer that day, so the evening wasn't too chilly yet. We made our way to the hostess desk and B told them the name. We went back and stood outside for two minutes and heard our name called! I'm not sure how he did it, but he definitely figured it out! People around us were confused as to why we were let in so early- I'm still trying to figure it out myself ;). We ate our dinner- Grilled Chicken for me, and Steak for B. We had such a nice time talking and laughing during dinner. Sometime during the course of the meal, B asked me if I wanted to go downtown after dinner. I agreed that it would be fun to go down there. B ordered some cheesecake ( as if we hadn't just eaten a huge meal!) and it was so delightful.

We left the restaurant and headed downtown for a while.

Once we arrived downtown, B told me that I could take my gift! It was a pretty big bag with hearts on it. We walked around the shops and beautifully lit streets and eventually made our way across the bridge at Falls Park. B had a special spot in mind for us that was close to the water's edge (unfortunately it involved some serious hiking down sharp rocks and I was in dress shoes and a skirt!) , but coincidentally some other people had already taken it. We kept walking and ended up at Wyche Pavilion. We sat down and talked for a few more minutes and then attempted to take pictures. We decided that we are the least photogenic individuals on the planet because in each picture B's eyes were closed and I was squinting horribly! Since pictures were a complete fail, B recommended that I open my gift. I reached into the bag and pulled out a huge heart shaped box of chocolates ( nothing strange because I looove chocolate). B made some comment about how much I love chocolate and I started to open the box. I noticed he had taped the edges closed! I was curious if he maybe got a little hungry and sampled some of my gift or perhaps it broke. I ripped the tape off a little bit and found a tiny box among the chocolates. B had cut the candy box so that the box would fit in the center! I took the box out and stared at B with anticipation (it could have been earrings or a necklace at this point!) . B took the box from my hands and stood up. I stood up. He gave me a hug and a big smile and got down on one knee. He said, " Will you marry me?". I started crying just out of nowhere. He got off his knee and I cried for a couple more minutes! I was so happy and overjoyed! I soon realized that I never actually said yes! I told him "yes" ( actually, I said yes yes yes yes!! ;) .

We walked back up to the shops and asked a sweet couple to take our picture. They congratulated us and then we headed back to B's house to find his mom videoing our arrival! She taped the story as we re-told it so we could have it in the future :). It was the best proposal I could have dreamed of. B made it so very special and unique. I am so blessed to have such a loving, genuine, God-loving man as my fiance´.

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Kathryn Elise

Kathryn Elise

she: blogger, yogi, lover of chocolate.

he: future cop, runner, lover of milkshakes.

they: laughter, adventures, love life.



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