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The best orientation I ever had

Written by  kblanton
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I moved to Florida in 1991 for a new position as a Director of Nursing.  The week after I started my new job, I was sent around to meet various administrators to get an idea of their departments and what they do.

One of the administrators was to become my husband.

He and I both had, in our backgrounds, working as management engineers.  During our meeting, he showed me all these cool reports and statistics he'd created to run his departments.  What can I say.  I was impressed.  He was apparently impressed, too, as not many people really get excited over stuff like that.  What can I say, we're both nerds.

I left the meeting thinking to my self, "He's probably married."

A week later, he asked me out.  The rest is history.  Eighteen years of marriage later, we're still very much in love and talk about nerdy things all the time!

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