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It Was The Speed-Dating

Written by  DitaKiki
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Kiki and I met in Nice, France. We were both studying in the same institute, taking different Master Programs. At one point, students from different programs had to do a simulation game together, therefore, the school organized a speed-dating a week before the simulation started, to have the students from different programs to get to know each other. And there we met.

The idea was just that every student has to talk to another student, and there was a bell ringing every five minutes to sign that we had to find someone else to talk to. Kiki came to me twice! Already that day I knew something was very special about him. He asked me to a real date right after the simulation was over, and we went to a very nice bar by the beach of the French Riviera. Three dates later, he invited me for a dinner at his place when he cooked for me, and I believe that was when we started to be officially together.

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0 # hdwm 2011-05-17 13:10
Wow! I love your little story! :-)
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