Parents Without Partners

Written by  stevecarol
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I met my beautiful bride, Carol, at a Parents Without Partners dance.  Both of us had been divorced for a while.  And while we both had 2 children, all of them were grown and out on their own.  But we qualified as Parents Without Partners.  It seemed a nice place to meet someone without hitting the bar scene.

I had seen Carol at several dances but was afraid to ask her to dance - I feared rejection.  But at one dance her sister was with her and I thought it wouldn't be so bad if I asked her to dance.  That would give me a in with Carol.

So I approached her sister and asked for the next dance.  It turned out that her sister was married and felt kind of awkward being at the PWP dance.  And when I asked her to dance she turned me down and felt so bad that she might have given me the wrong impression (thinking I was interested in her).

Well she wouldn't dance with me but Carol did.

After several months of courting which included many coffee dates at the local donut shop were decided to take the matrimonial step once more.  It's been a great 15 years and now we are Grandparents With Partners.  But she will always be my beautiful bride.



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a cute photo May God continue blessing you :-)
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