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Edgar and Yasmin

Written by  The Garcias
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Edgar and Yasmin (July 2009) Edgar and Yasmin (July 2009)

After 13 years together as a couple, the subject of 'How Did We Meet' is still a subject for debate in our home.  She tells people that we met online during the glory days of AOL, while I say the first time we really met was at a dance.  That night, is when I truly got to know her and not just words on the screen.

Rewind back to the Winter of 1997.  It was early December and I was only 15 at the time (she was 16).  It was during those good ole' days of AOL when computers were all the craze.  My friends would come over and try to see how many girls we could talk to and we made it a competition to get their 'real' phone number.  We had six or eight message windows open at one time.  Security wasn't much of a concern for us back then as it was all in good fun.

Then, something unfamiliar happened to us.  WE got that popup window that read, "M or F?".  We hardly received messages; we were the ones supposedly on the prowl.  Little did we know that Yasmin and her friends were on the other side of town playing the same game.  However, they were experts at it; having 12 to 15 windows open at once with specific tactics lined up to always get their way.  The challenge to get her number intrigued us. The one rule we had was always get their number, never give yours out.   My friends took turns at the seat, each confident that they will be the one to crack the Yasmin number.  One by one they fell.  Each friend went home with their head down saying it was a lost cause.  We would never talk to this girl on the phone, some doubting that it was even a girl on the other end.  My cousin stayed behind, adamant that an hour or two more and he would crack the code.  His parents even left him behind and he had to spend the night.  My cousin grew tired, preferring to go play video games than to continue the quest.  I talked to Yasmin late into the night. To this day, I can't really remember what we talked about.  I just knew it was more interesting than what other popup windows had to say.  As messages would come across from others, I quickly shooed them away, until there was only one.

It was getting late and I needed to get some sleep.  By now, I didn't care about the number.  I just cared about hearing those three magical words the next day - You've Got Mail - in hopes that Yasmin would write back that she wanted to continue the conversation.  I fell asleep and let my cousin take the hot seat.  He woke me up thirty minutes later.  He had broken cardinal rule #1; Yasmin had our phone number.  The ball was in her court and she had won.  She outlasted the group of giants until we gave in to her demands.  At first, pride set in.  Why did he do it?  Why did he betray the brotherhood of 'Number-Getters'? He would surely get ridiculed for giving in to this girl.  Then, I quickly realized he was the smartest of the bunch.  If we had only done it sooner, we could have been on the phone with a live girl rather than reading words on a screen for hours on end.

But with that, the gender roles switch.  We had to wait.  Yasmin immediately signed off.  We waited and waited.  Will she call?  When?  What did she say?  We analyzed every word to see if we had missed something in translation.  Truly she would call soon.  Was that the phone.  No, just the tv.  And then...nothing.  We went to bed confused and shrugged it off.  She wasn't going to call and we were okay with it.  Even though, secretly, I felt like signing in just to see if she would go back online.

For some reason, I couldn't let it go the next day.  I logged in and there was no mail, no IMs, nothing.  "Damn you AOL, I know you are holding back my Yasmin e-mails," I thought.  Later that afternoon, as my cousin was about to leave, we heard something.  It was the phone.  We each ran to the phone in a race to answer it.  I lost out and he picked up the line.  It was finally her.  My cousin talked to her for about 15 minutes, but then his parents threatened to leave him there another night.  He reluctantly passed me the phone as he left.  I had her all to myself.  Now, if only I could think of something interesting to talk about.  Words flowed like water online, but I couldn't think of anything to talk about to save my life.  All this time I worried about getting her on the phone, that not once, did I think about what we would discuss.  We talked for about 30 minutes or so and she had to leave.  For some strange reason, she decided to give me her phone number so we could talk another day, even though we hardly said anything.

The next day I got home from school and took a nap.  When I woke up all my friends were around the computer and talking on the phone.  I walked over to hear about their latest conquest.  Then, someone pointed out that I had stupidly left a post-it note with a number on it, Yasmin's number.  All's fair in love and war, right.  Now everyone had Yasmin's number.  She began talking on the phone with one of my friends.  I pretended like it didn't matter.  That day I set the 'phone number getting record' of all-time, just to prove to everyone that Yasmin was only another number.  Yasmin would continue to IM me every now and then over the next few days.  She was talking to my friend over the phone and they seemed to hit it off.

And then, the back stabbing continued.  One of our other friends began talking to Yasmin and she quickly ended all communications with the first friend.  It was very suspicious.  Regardless, Yasmin began talking to my other friend and he was excited.  I continued talking to Yasmin online, and I began liking her more than a friend.  I ignored those feelings; not wanting to get in the way of her happiness with my friend.  They continued talking on the phone for a couple of weeks or so, and he invited her on their first date to a dance.  It was a Quinceneara dance, similar to a 'Sweet 16', and I was the main escort for a friend.  The only one in a white tuxedo, so easy to spot.  I didn't know she would be there, but she knew I would be there.

Someone I had never seen tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was Edgar.  I said Yes and wondered who was looking for me.  She mentioned that she was Yasmin's older sister and that they had planned on picking up my friend at his house, but he wasn't home.  I let her know that he wasn't at the dance either.  Yasmin's sister also had a date later that night, so she asked if it would be okay if she left Yasmin there for a few hours.  I was fine with it and walked with her outside.  There Yasmin stood, and bam, those feelings I ignored came boiling back and the nerves began to jitter.  As her sister drove away, I realized that by looking into Yasmin's eyes, nothing else mattered.  I wasn't scared, wasn't nervous.  All I could feel was joy and happiness.  The things to talk about came easy.  We talked all night, laughed all night, and danced all night.  We went outside for a while and had a heart to heart talk about several things, much deeper talks than I have ever experienced.  It was at that moment, that I realized she was the one for me.  The one that would make the world complete.

After a little more time inside, she asked me why I didn't want to talk to her.  Confused, I asked her to elaborate.  Apparently, my first friend told her that I didn't want anything to do with her and that I already had several 'girlfriends' on the side - which of course was a lie.  Then, she continued to mention that my second friend re-iterated the same, but the number of girlfriends doubled this time.  And he also mentioned that my first friend was a violent drunk that has been to jail several times - also a lie.  No wonder she stopped talking to him abruptly.  Yasmin's sister had arrived and all I wanted was a few more minutes to talk with her.  She promised she would call me on Monday.

That Monday, she called me after talking to my friend that stood her up.  He told her that he tried really hard to get to the dance, but forces were working against him that night.  Two cars had broken down, no one with a car was home, and the dance hall was too far away to walk or ride a bike.  He tried calling her number, but couldn't get a call through.  When Yasmin and her sister went to his house, he was right next door at his friend's house trying to get a ride.  For him, it was a streak of bad luck.  For me, it was an act of God willing me to her.

Earlier that day, my brother said that I looked really happy with that mystery girl that made me ignore everyone else at the dance.  Even the main 'Quinceneara' girl became second fiddle to her.  I let him know that she was talking to one of my friends and he said the few words that made me change my game plan, "You have to fight for the good things in life."  I called my friend, the supposedly violent drunk with a criminal record, and we called Yasmin.  Not only that, but we called every girl that knew or talked to our lying friend.  Let's just say, that after that day, no girl wanted anything to do with him.  For some strange reason, they all mysteriously stopped talking to him.  :-)

Later that week, Yasmin called me up and asked if I wanted to go to the movies with her to see a movie that she had seen several times already with her family.  The movie was Titanic, and to me, it was second fiddle to the love story we started that day.  Thirteen years later, six years of marriage, and two beautiful baby girls (one 4 years old and the other almost 3 months old), the story goes on and our love continues to grow each and every day.

Now you know the source of our debate.  She claims that we met on AOL and that I was always the one that she wanted to talk to from the beginning.  I didn't get to really talk to her in person until the dance, even though she went there to meet one of my friends.  One day, we may come to an agreement of that exact moment in time we 'really' met that allowed us to stay connected together.  Until then, we will agree to disagree.  (Even though I'm right and she is wrong!)  :-)

Another subject of debate is when our first kiss actually happened, but that story is for another day and for another post.


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+1 # Lalit Gupta 2011-04-14 07:58
What a nice, lovely and short story:)

Edgar, you can write a novel and make a movie on this.
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0 # ruchi 2011-04-20 06:37
What an amazing story! Just incredible! This beautiful story is worth reading many times ;) Thanks a lot for sharing it.
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0 # love1999 2011-05-13 23:41
what a beautiful story May God continue blessing you :-)
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0 # Elizabeth Barragan 2011-05-18 16:47
What a romantic beautiful love story! I really enjoyed it:)
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0 # Elizabeth Barragan 2011-05-18 16:47
LOVED it ...beautifully written:)
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