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My love My love

We actually meet in kindergarten. We then went to the same primary school, house captains for the same house team and also performed the same spice girls song (both being posh spice) at our grade 6 putting on the hits. We then went to different high schools and did not see each other for 13years. In 2011 I had a motorbike accident and ended up In hospital. I was wheelchair bound and became a facebook junky. Mick popped up as people I may know and added him. He accepted and decided that day to come and see me in hospital, in a wheelchair and all I could do was a sponge bath and impulse spray lol. I freaked out, thought if I left my room, he would come and see me not there and leave. As my dad was wheeling me out side there was Mick waiting in reception to see what room I was in. We locked eyes and I feel in love instantly. My dad left and Mick ended up staying for 4 hours. We didn't catch up for about a month after I got out of hospital. I was shattered thinking he didn't want anything to do with me. One night he called, apologised for being busy and we caught up that night and never looked back! We are now engaged planning our wedding and future family. We couldn't be any happier and know we have both found our true soul mates!!!! Gosh I love my life with mick!! Love you baby xxo


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