It was always there we just never knew it.

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L 's D L 's D

It was a cool spring night and my cousin invited me to his house for a pool party. I think he had grilled hotdogs and had plenty of beer. The weather wasn’t cooperating to jump in the pool it was too cold. Then, in walks Ms. D. I immediately thought “oh cute!” My cousin introduces her and I get to talking to her. So I am feeling some chemistry with this girl. I mean I played it cool and I really made no indication that I was remotely interested. Ms. D left to the restroom returned and during our conversation she stops for a second and with a very disappointed response she says “I need to tell you something. I am married.” I am thinking to myself “Noooooooooooo!!!” So she told me she was having problems while having a few beers and she got kinda drunk. She lived far and nobody but I was sober enough to get her home. So I offered and I took her home. We talked for a while and found out that I had made a friend.

Two years have passed and we continued to be friends. After two years of hanging out at lunches, going out in groups to night clubs we had a well-established friendship. Or so I thought. There was flirting all those two years but it was nothing we took to serious and we were respectful. A year earlier I came to find out that she had been thinking about letting our friendship go. Ms. D told me that I had sent her an e-mail that was really mean and thought that I didn’t want to be her friend anymore. I had no clue that it affected her that much. A whole year and my good friend was mad at me.

Lets fast forward March 2013. One night my best friend comes back to town he had been away on business for a while and wanted to get our group of friends together. My BFF tells me to invite Ms. D and I do. She asks me a question and I was like how do you know that he is on his way back into town. She said that he had text her. For some reason I got jealous. I could not explain why but I was. Little did I know that I was the reason they had each other’s number. I thought to myself “why am I jealous?” She is my friend and she is married. So, we are at the club and her husband is not allowed in the club because his driver’s license is expired. (Before we go any further with this story we both knew as friends that Ms. D was not in love with her husband anymore. This had been known for a long time. Before her and I realized that we were in love with each other. ) She barely said hi to me at the first club. Then at the second club she sat by me and we talked. Ms. D said that she could see in my eyes that I really missed her. She was right. I missed my friend. We ended up at the last club and I was a little buzzed but I realized I had feelings for her. I had feelings for Ms. D. I told her that “If you and I are alone in our 40’s and 50’s you and I should be together.” All of a sudden I get this big long hug. We lost time and it was time to go home. Nothing happened. I didn’t expect anything to happen. I had decided as she left that I would act like it was the alcohol. She text me as she left…”Thanks for the talk…” I text back…”drive safe.” The next day I had already known that I was going to deny everything and blame the drinks. That day went by and the next day I received a text. “Is it bad that I have been thinking about you and what you said?” At first I was playing retarded and then she said never mind. I told her that I had been thinking of her. So I met her one night and we talk about it and really went nowhere. A few days later she cut it off and said she had to figure it out. She wanted me to know that if she ended the marriage that it wasn’t because of me. She knew she had to be fair to her husband and let him go. I had no choice but to honor that. I gave her no words that would indicate that I would pursue or try to sway Ms. D to come to me. Ms. D left me with the words “See you, when I see you.” April 1 2013 I get a text. Without telling me in so many words she said that she loved me. She could no longer deny her feelings. (BUT BABY! I SAID IT FIRST!!!) She told me that she had to separate the situation and do things right. I am glad for that. It has been an amazing ride. There are really no words to describe it.

Ms. D I hope that as you have read this you know how much our story means to me. I love you and I thought that I would never feel like this for another person again. I stand in disbelief that I am with you and I hope that we continue to grow together.

Love you with all my heart –Te Amo-


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