Thought we were opposites...

Written by  Lady Lani
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Always, my hero... Always, my hero... Ian Cooper photography

My first sighting of Mr square jaw was as i was leaving gym one late afternoon, i was freshly out of highschool and still learning to find control over my hormones.  As i left the entrance and looked across the parking lot i saw this totally HOT guy walking towards the entrance, he was chatting to one of his friends that i recognised as my best friends BF.

I was enthralled to know i would be able to interogate her for details on him.  But alas the next time i saw her and casually asked after this handsome stranger she proceeded to tell me that he was in fact involved in a serious relationship.  i decided to then save myself the embarrasement of revealing my crush and changed the topic.

After that i saw MR SJ at various social gatherings with his GF.  She was a very pretty girl but she was not a size small and that suprised and delighted me.  But he looked sooooo grumpy.  He barely spoke, he had this serious face all the time and he took no note of me.  (which showed his loyalty) I thought well theres no way i can date such a grumpy guy, im a happy busy body we would definetly clash...

We saw each other on the odd occasion as the years went past and then our friends got married, sadly they seperated the following year and that brought us into each other's company again one new years eve... he was then single and actually noticed me, with gentle encouragement from our friends we got chatrting that evening and felt the spark as we danced.

The following day we met up and continued chatting and realised that even though our superficials were opposite (im extrovert and he is introvert) everything else we had in common.  Our childhoods, our morals, our thinking ect ect..

weve been attached at the hip ever since.... we got married on the 16March 2012 and our wonderful friends were there...

Dont ever doubt God's existence... Mr square jaw is testimony of that; as God answered the prayers of a 12yr old girl.. all i had to do was be patient till i was ready and worthy of recieving that gift...


Lady Lani

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