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Everyone has a love story to tell; their own unique story of how they met the love of their life.

Perhaps it was your First Kiss or on a Blind Date. You might have been one of the lucky ones who have experienced Love At First Sight or been given a Second Chance on love. Maybe everything went wrong in a humorous way but love prevailed.

But you’ve told everyone in your family and all of your friends. So who else can you tell your love story to? Why not tell everyone.

How Did We Meet is the perfect place to Share Your Story in words, photos and even video. Create your account and within minutes you will be able to post your love stories with our user-friendly story editor. Don’t worry. All of your account information will be safe as stated in our Privacy Policy.

Where ever your love story began we want to hear all of the details.

Read other How Did We Meet stories and get that warm and fuzzy feeling that only true love can give.

It’s said that you get what you give. Access our Forum to share your feelings with others on a variety of topics centered on love, family and relationships.

We hope you will enjoy reading these wonderful stories on How Did We Meet and share them with your friends – who have love stories of their own.

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